A Little Introduction

So I love to backpack foreign places and experience foreign cultures, food, and traditions — like a lot of people do — but I’ve noticed that when I return home, I forget a lot of the amazingness that lies in our backyard. Particularly where I live in Northern California, in the heart of wine country and close to the hotbed of great food, cultural diversity, and nature.

I wrote pretty extensively about the travels of my five months abroad in Central America (NoSpanishNoPlanNoProblema.tumblr.com) and most recently Southeast Asia (OffToSEA.tumblr.com). I want to do that where I live by sharing unique places to check out in the North Bay (Marin County, Sonoma County) and the occasional San Francisco — hence OutsideSF.

Oh, and I’m actually also a wine tour guide and spend a lot of my time bringing people from all over the world to taste and experience Northern California by giving them historical insight and pointing out unique fact about the Bay Area. So my intent is to provide that same insight on a broader scale to locals and tourists.

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