Cuban Restaurant - Rumba

Great Cuban Food at Rumba, in Windsor

Rumba Cuba Cafe

If you’ve ever seen the movie Chef, you know that Cuban food is not only delicious, but also incredibly ridiculously delicious. In an area where the deli sandwich is king, hey it’s wine country, Rumba Cafe in Windsor is a very welcome change of scenery.

I had passed by this place a bunch of times, but today I finally decided today to try it for lunch. It doesn’t look like a fancy restaurant, but like I’ve learned from traveling all over, looks are deceiving when it comes to food. And like Latin food the heart beats strong in this place. It’s family run and the siblings that helped me out were super nice. I order the Little Havana sandwich (mojo roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickle, and garlic aioli), served with plantain chips it was perfect size… delicious! The citrus dipping sauce and marinade was something they should bottle. It should have a holiday named after it, it’s that good.

Maybe one day they’ll open a rum bar in there, but for now it’s got three taps with Lagunitas, Blue Moon, and Pacifica. I will be taking my tours there!


Ramen Gaijin

Impromptu Dinner at Ramen Gaijin

I tried desperately to spend some time in Japan on the tail end of my 4 months abroad in Asia, pretty much just to eat a ton a ramen. Not the $0.30 cent packet variety, well, kinda not. I was after the authentic noodle soup original. While I only spent 16 hours on a layover in Tokyo — where I ate 4 full sized meals, just because, hey Tokyo — I managed to find Ramen in a little whole in the wall and do my Ramen research.

So ramen changes depending on where you’re at in Japan. In the North it’s a miso base broth. And in the South the noodle changes as well as the broth. But I’m pretty sure that’s a horrible description of the way ramen can change. But like in wine, the best way to experience ramen is to try different types.

I came here for the second time on a whim. Well it wasn’t a huge whim, the first time was magical, haha. Totally satisfying. They’re only open Wednesday to Sunday (as of now), so for the first month or so they opened, I always seemed to catch them at the wrong time. And unless you have their address, then you may not find them. They’re in the old Forchetta restaurant building, conveniently located a few doors down from Screaming Mimi’s.

I’d share more about the menu, but honestly we got there late tonight and ate in a haste as to not be assholes. But the vegetarian broth with pork belly…and the special wings. Just awesome. There’s plenty to check out and the staff were great. This is a great addition to a funk Sebastopol and if your looking for a cool restaurant to eat at in Sebastopol, well you just found it.

Ramen Gaijin

6948 Sebastopol Ave
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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Chillaxing at the Coppola Pool

A long weekend of tours had me ready to celebrate my Labor Day weekend, albeit a day late. So I headed up to Geyserville, a small town about 15 minutes north of Healdsburg (and a hour and a half north of SF). The iconic Francis Ford Coppola winery also hosts one of the best, and perhaps the most Las Vegas like, pool in the bay area. You can rent Cabines for a party of 4 or just purchase a pool pass for $35 and head to the lawn (there’s limited tree shade).

You can wander around the winery when you’re there and check out the numerous awards and memorabilia from Francis Ford Coppola’s movies, but when I was there I just laid by the pool and took in the 95 degree heat. They played a good mix of mellow music while I laid under the shade of a nearby tree reading (Outliers: The Story of Success
by Gladwell, and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Vaynerchuk

Highly recommended after a busy weekend of work! Of course the place is packed on the weekend, so good luck. Your best bet is to book ahead which you can do on their website. Oh and and did I mention poolside service and a full bar? Enjoy! |
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