Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

I have mixed feelings on posting about Armstrong Redwoods. Armstrong feels more like home than many of the places I’ve lived. After spending a few years living out in my uncle’s riverside cabin in the semi-remote town of Guerneville, I explored Armstrong Redwoods often. It became a quiet place of meditation to me, my own zen garden, and it’s also my favorite place in the North Bay to take photos.

Armstrong Redwoods is basically a much quieter and even more impressive Muir Woods. It has great diversity in hiking trails — ranging from the quick and easy discovery trail loop (where all the big trees are), to longer and more strenuous hikes up to Bullfrog pong and higher up the mountain.

I love it in winter time because the grove is dark and damp and alive with ferns. As you make your way to up you can hear all sorts of birds and it feels very remote.

These parks need our help. They are the real treasures of our country. There is a collection box at the ranger station by the parking lot. Parking is free if you park in the lot before the ranger station. Please, if you visit — Donate a few bucks to the collection box! And help preserve the park.

Here’s a video I found that shows a little bit of the park:

I’ve also created a new Flickr Album for my Black and white shots of Armstrong Redwoods:

Armstrong Woods


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