Chillaxing at the Coppola Pool

A long weekend of tours had me ready to celebrate my Labor Day weekend, albeit a day late. So I headed up to Geyserville, a small town about 15 minutes north of Healdsburg (and a hour and a half north of SF). The iconic Francis Ford Coppola winery also hosts one of the best, and perhaps the most Las Vegas like, pool in the bay area. You can rent Cabines for a party of 4 or just purchase a pool pass for $35 and head to the lawn (there’s limited tree shade).

You can wander around the winery when you’re there and check out the numerous awards and memorabilia from Francis Ford Coppola’s movies, but when I was there I just laid by the pool and took in the 95 degree heat. They played a good mix of mellow music while I laid under the shade of a nearby tree reading (Outliers: The Story of Success
by Gladwell, and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Vaynerchuk

Highly recommended after a busy weekend of work! Of course the place is packed on the weekend, so good luck. Your best bet is to book ahead which you can do on their website. Oh and and did I mention poolside service and a full bar? Enjoy! |
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